Cynthia’s Screaming Hot Crispy Fried Chicken


dried Onions
dried Red Chilli Peppers
chicken Pieces (not frozen)
large bowl
large eggs
frying oil (vegetable or corn oil is fine, however some like lard)


Fill your frying pan with about 40% oil and heat to a high temperature.
Take chicken and wash thoroughly in a large bowl.
Take your pepper, Accent®, salt, dried onions and season your chicken.
Add Red peppers liberally.
Now add eggs to mixture. Usually 1 egg for every 6 pieces of chicken.
Use your hands to make sure the eggs cover every part of the chicken pieces. (If it looks like your seasoning is not completely covering your chicken, re-season, but go light on the salt.)
Next cover the chicken pieces with flour.
When the oil is very hot, put the chicken in and let fry for about 7 – 10 minutes on each side, depending on the amount of chicken in the skillet and the size of the skillet.

Note: The chicken will be crispy, juicy and very spicy. Remember that the more peppers you use the hotter the chicken, so you can season to taste.
This recipe allows the cook to season to taste. However, consider that the seasonings will often fall off the chicken, so often more is better.