Elayne’s Green Bean Carrerole Arizona style


4 cans french cut green beans drained
1 large can of Durkee® french fried onions
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
1 tub of sour cream
1 package of cream cheese
Lawry’s® seasoning salt to taste
lemon pepper to taste


In a deep casserole dish combine the green beans, cream of mushroom soup, the full contents of the sour cream, cream cheese and half of the can of Durkee® fried onions.
Add lemon pepper and seasoning salt to taste
Mix it together until it is creamy, then spread the rest of the Durkee® onions over the top of the creation and bake in the oven until heated all the way through.

Note: this recipe serves 6 with plenty of second helpings for all.