Pooh’s Punch Bowl Cake


1 can pineapple chunks
3 ripe bananas
2 baskets of strawberries
1 butter pound cake (sliced into 1″ pieces)
1 container Coolwhip®
1 box vanilla instant Jello® pudding (prepared using packages directions)
1 bag shredded coconut


Peel bananas and cut into bite size chunks.
Wash strawberries and slice into thin pieces and set aside.
In a large punch bowl add all of your ingredients in layers.
First, layer bottom of bowl with pound cake.
Then put in a thin layer of vanilla pudding.
On top of that add a layer of banana, pineapple, coconut, and strawberries topping this with Coolwhip®.
Keep doing this until you reach the top of your punch bowl.
Save some of the strawberries and coconut for the top of your bowl.
Arrange in a spiral direction to give it a design and then serve.
Feeds up to 12 persons.